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Using the spoon to mould the egg is clever — you could do lots of eggs in one pan this way.’Delia Smith, who wrote a whole chapter on eggs in her 1998 book How To Cook, stresses the importance of fresh eggs.Fill a pan with one inch (2.5cm) of water from a boiling kettle and put it on a gentle heat.Then, boil a pan of fresh water, add a dessertspoon of vinegar, stir until a whirlpool forms and break the eggs in.Cook for a minute to a minute and a half, then remove with a draining spoon.

But the white is well-cooked, the yolk is nicely oozy and they taste almost sweet.

Using a large balloon whisk, he creates a fast-moving vortex of water and gently tips the eggs into the centre.

The egg should take between 90 seconds and two minutes to poach. There’s quite a lot of white left in the pan and the eggs have half-separated.

Boiled, fried and scrambled are simple, but ask your significant other to poach you an egg and you may end up going hungry. From thin, watery whites to split yolks, eggs that disintegrate in the pan or are ripped apart by bubbles, there are so many ways it can go wrong.

Two-thirds of Britons say they can’t poach eggs properly, and this week domestic goddess Nigella Lawson admitted even she was intimidated by the fiddly job until recently, when she devised a new approach — using a tea strainer.

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