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After spending a few minutes with him, you realise he might be dead serious about doing anything for the role."Because when you've put about 600 days into a game, it's depressing if you're not making a movie about it.

Former showrunner Alan Ball reacts to Season 6 premiere He basically comes out of nowhere into Sookie's life, so how soon will we get some background on Ben?He's had a history of betrayal and misuse like Sookie, and that's going to come out.Rob Kazinsky: Ben is the male equivalent of Sookie.Benggali), Miss Chan dan Satem (darah keturunan Jawa).Aku pula ialah seorang pemandu kepada seorang pegawai polis, tetapi tugas sebenar aku ialah sebagai ahli perisik polis.

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