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How do you know whether your i Pod is HFS or FAT32 formatted?Well, as I said, it is basically a matter of knowing which system you've been using your i Pod with up until now.I have been using mine without problems, but a friend did lose all his data when he managed to freeze his system doing something bizarre.

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At that time, your Windows or Mac system popped up some wizard asking you to run the i Pod Updater tool.

In other words, Windows can't read drives formatted by HFS , while Mac OS can read both HFS and FAT32 drives.

If you are using an i Pod Shuffle, you can also be sure that it is FAT32 formatted, because all i Pod Shuffles are—period. And how do you change your i Pod from HFS to FAT32 format?

That tool is primarily a formatter, which formats your device in FAT32 if you're running it in Windows and HFS if you're running it on a Mac.

If you've been a two-OS sort of person up until now and have been happily using your i Pod on both a Mac and a Winbox, then you can be sure that your i Pod was formatted using FAT32, because Windows spews out chalk spittle when it tries to deal with anything that Microsoft itself didn't create.

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