Updating multiple rows in mysql

implode("' OR `id`='", array_keys($update_values)) . "'"; // Join the statements with commas, then run the query $update_query .= implode(', ',$columns) .A useful method to select all checkboxes and the ability to update My SQL records with PHP. We have a script that runs periodically to update this table. Prod ID = 45607; -------- --------------------------------------------------- | Prod ID | Text | -------- --------------------------------------------------- | 45607 | Limited warranty - 1 year | | 45607 | 1 year warranty | .... Text) WHERE ts.product_uid = 45607; but all that gets appended is the 1st row, ie "Limited warranty - 1 year" Is what I'm trying to to possible, and if it is, am I going down the right road?I can do what I want in that script no problem, but it would be more elegent if I could acheive the same results with 1 query. Text FROM especee as es INNER JOIN evocee as ev ON (es. | 45607 | External | | 45607 | POTS filter | -------- --------------------------------------------------- I want to concat all the values of "Text" into 1 row in another table. Note that there is no data validation in this script.For example, if you know that a field should contain integers, you should use something like intval($fieldvalue) when processing the form.The resultant query, to all of you holding your breath, will look something like this: UPDATE `table` SET `column1` = CASE WHEN `id`='1034786' THEN '0' WHEN `id`='1037099' THEN '0' WHEN `id`='1034789' THEN '3' ELSE `column1` END, `column2` = CASE WHEN `id`='1034786' THEN NULL WHEN `id`='1037099' THEN '1034789' WHEN `id`='1034789' THEN '1034789' ELSE `column2` END, `column3` = CASE WHEN `id`='1034786' THEN 'Text One' WHEN `id`='1037099' THEN 'Text Two' WHEN `id`='1034789' THEN 'Text Three' ELSE `column3` END WHERE `id`='1034786' OR `id`='1037099' OR `id`='1034789' As you can see, for each column to be update we create a CASE statement which updates the column based on a unique ID.

Reducing the number of SQL database queries is the top tip for optimizing SQL applications.Unfortunately it’s not as easy as inserting, but once you see what’s being done you will probably say “Oh, of course! The key to the multiple row update query is the CASE statement.My SQL’s CASE reference page doesn’t even have the word “UPDATE” on the page anywhere, but don’t let that fool you, it can be used in UPDATE statements!Then you'd have an array of $records with elements like $records[42] that contains things like $records[42]['ONOFF']=1, $records[42]['firstname']='Eric' and so on.Incidentally, it is invalid to have multiple elements in a page with identical id attributes.

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