Updating rosetta 800 firmware

Any amount of permutation combination of buttons is not making any difference, any suggestions, is this a hardware issue? For some reason with my symphony system (2 DA16x's and 1 AD16x) - when I power them on, the DA16x that's connected to the computer shows up on internal workclock working fine, but the other two units are stuck on WC at a sample rate of 00.00. If you've tried resetting, and flipping internal/WC you should call Apogee at 310-584-9394.

I could imagine that a bad firmware upgrade or the reflash via MIDI process could cause this problem (did you attempt this recently? Have you tried disconnecting everything to see that they work standalone with internal clock selected?

Updating to the latest firmware was required for Rev. I think the latest version is 3.4 - so install the latest updater at Apogee's site.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are offering a free firmware upgrade to those with affected products.

Our ST3500320AS (500GB) and ST3640330AS (640GB) drives are bricked now.

It appears this is a widespread problem, - Seagate figured out the SD1A firmware problem and has posted a new set of instructions for owners of their drives.

In the meantime, we highly suggest if you have one of the affected drives to do the same.

If you are nervous about this process, Seagate technical support can assist you.

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