Updating your nim image

Essentially the SPOT is a /usr filesystem just like the one on your NIM master.Everything that a machine requires in a /usr file system, such as the AIX kernel, executable commands, libraries, and applications are included in the SPOT.For further information about the use of NFS reserved ports and the nfso server portcheck option, refer to 5.3.9, “NFS reserved ports” on page 441.

Jul 01 2009 Daemon Daemon Information bootpd[430226]: bootptab mtime is Wed Jul 1 2009 Because tftp uses no authentication it is important to limit the directories the service can access, and because I have created a link from /tftpboot to /nim/tftpboot I have to add extra directories. In this case, we use debug-enabled network boot images to look for errors in the boot environment.

Debug-enabled network boot images can also be used to determine exactly which mount command is failing on the client.

We can also check the value of the nfso server portcheck option and usage of NFS reserved ports.

We verify that the correct gateways are specified between networks, and all gateways are functional.

We use debug-enabled network boot images to determine which routes could not be defined.

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