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One of the most important things to remember here is that you can’t take the number of followers for face value.

It’s easy these days to purchase thousands of even tens of thousands of fake (robot) followers inexpensively on services like Fiverr.

In the example below, we can see that the domain was registered April 22nd of 2010: Note: Keep in mind that the Creation Date doesn’t always represent the date that the business was started, as it could have been registered, bought and sold long before the business.

Social following and interaction doesn’t necessarily correlate to sales but it could be a good indicator of market interest.

“For years men have dominated Corporate America as women have traditionally chosen to become stay at home mothers’ and ‘housewives.

In an effort to rise to the level of their male counterparts, many women have been moving out of the home and into the boardrooms, through educating themselves” (Dean, Mills-Strachan, Roberts, Carraher, & Cash, 2009, p. This statement begins to lay the groundwork needed to address the issues found by Kilian et al.

This can give you a better idea of it’s authenticity.Because of this, you must look past just social following and look at how much interaction they actually receive on posts and the sentiment of responses.In the example below (which will remain unnamed) this business seemingly had a strong social following on the surface: Facebook: Twitter: Although these numbers look impressive, it’s easy to see that this account isn't totally authentic and the numbers are inflated.Coming up with a product idea for your new online business can be difficult. These are common questions you’ll ask yourself at some point in your journey.More difficult still is building the confidence to make the jump and go through with your idea once you do have one. Truth be told, you’ll never know with 100% certainty how well your product idea will do until you actually open up shop.

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