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When a carrier runs out of one set of numbers – like, sadly, premium-rate – they simply introduce a new prefix.Some changes have enormous implications; in the United Kingdom some years ago, for example, the entire regional numbering system underwent a drastic change, with virtually every area code getting an additional “1” inserted.For such changes we make announcements to libphonenumber-discuss.Such changes are not reflected in the version number, and we would publish a sub-minor release if there were no other changes. During most of the year, excepting holidays and extenuating circumstances, we release fortnightly.Whole countries come and go, introducing new country prefixes.New classifications of numbers introduce new numbering systems – premium-rate, local-rate, toll-free, and so on.For example, if the last release were 7.7.3, the new one would be 8.0.0.

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We also send an announcement to libphonenumber-discuss for every release.However, we emphasize that these ports are by developers outside the libphonenumber project.We do not evaluate their quality or influence their maintenance processes.The Java demo is updated with a slight delay after the Git Hub release. If this number is lower than the latest release's version number, we are between releases and the demo may be at either version.The Java Script demo may be run at various tags; this link will take you to .

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