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FWIW, the data validation is based on a named range. When I've set up data validation in the past, the selection is the same width as the cell.

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As for example: one WSQ file contains only one fingerprint ima... I see that there is an option called "Ignore blanks" in the data validation settings, which is supposed to restrict someone from entering past an input cell without entering valid data, if the "Ignore blanks" box is unchecked.However, on the code to Read below, I get an exception to the effect that: "The ' Key Info' element is not declared." Since 1) the imported in the oasis-sstc-saml-schema-protocol-1.1.xsd, and b) is associated with namespace Key Info, and c) defines Key Info, I'm bewildered by this exception. Create(new String Reader(Assertion XML), settings); while (reader. But with the code posted above at least you get the same validation error from the code that Visual Studio 2008 shows in its XML editor. Prohibit Dtd = false; Xml Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings. Will someone help me correct it to loop indefinely?Xml Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings. Add("urn:oasis:names:tc:saml: 1.0:assertion", "c:\oasis-sstc-saml-schema-protocol-1.1.xsd"); settings. Read()) and c) defines Key Info, I'm bewildered by this exception. Thanks Sub Entry_validation() Dim Teststring As String Dim Inputstring As String Cells(1, 1) = "ABC" 'as given filename Cells(2, 1) = "DEF" 'as given filename Cells(3, 1) = "GHI" 'as given filename Cells(4, 1) = "JKL" 'as given filename errorloop: Inputstring = Input Box(prompt:="Enter Filename" & vb Lf & "Enter abort to abort en...and if possible let them go to the tab which they want to go to. Temos uma equipe preparada para o desenvolvimento de monografias e projetos de monografia para a conclus�o de cursos de gradua��o, p�s-gradua��o e especializa��o.Use an extended version of something along these lines: (if there are lots of cells use a 'for row numbers x to y' or 'do until' statment, o...4 monografia =? Tamb�m desenvolvemos a formata��o de monografias de acordo com as normas da ABNT (Associa��o Brasileira de Normas T�cnicas) ou conforme as regras de sua Faculdade/Universidade. Software keeps failing at startup, despite numerous re-installs. US") And (Not Like "*[ ,;]*" And Not Like "*[email protected]*")) ..noticed I was able to input [email protected] Refer to seperate workbook for validation list for drop downs?

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