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I was going through a recent slideshow on Huffington Post of all of the celebrity marriages so far in 2013 (watch the slide show because you will not believe who got married! I noticed almost all of the Black women also married interracially too! Something really stuck out for me…I think almost all of the Black men who got married had non-Black or biracial wives!Seeing this may make the “Nothing but a Black man crowd angry” but it’s reality (not that you have to copy celebrities).Black men are not limiting themselves to Black women so why should Black women limit themselves to Black men? Black men have said that it is harder being a Black man than a Black women and White folks get angrier when they see Black men with non-Black women.Who you want to find: A one-night stand who supplies the Dom Perignon and cashmere blankets.Who you actually find: A one-night stand who is already bored with you.

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Ibn Fadlan looked upon this washing ritual with disgust.

It is: An app for matching up users in airports and during flights.

Who you actually find: The stalker you didn't know you had. Who you want to find: An attractive, educated progressive with lofty career aspirations.

However, here the picture of the big, strong Viking fades a little.

The bones show a population that suffered from tooth problems and aching joints, for instance.

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    Sim eu fantasio um final feliz, um final que eu acredito que va acontecer.

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