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She tells them that it will cost 100,000 berries for each of them and drops her telling "Happiness Punch" stunning all of the males and having them fall.

Next, Nami is seen sitting (with Vivi) in the Bathing Pool while having her hair tied and wearing a Washcloth on her head while resting her arms on the edges.

Slavic girls are rightly considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

Although they are beautiful by nature, they pay much attention to their appearance and never forget about makeup.

Nami is seen Bath Bonding with Nefertari Vivi in a Furo session in the royal baths in the Alabasta castle after helping to save the kingdom.

While Nami has her pink Towel in her lap, she is having her back scrubbed by Vivi.

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Nami says that she wonders if there is a ship out there that has a big bath like the one she is in now.

After that short conversation, Nami states that its her turn to scrub Vivi's back but instead Vivi notices the boys peeping over the wall at them which then Nami picks up her towel and stands up and faces them.

She then starts crying and stands up and looks out the window.

A flashback of an unseen moment that is the prequel to Nami's shower and bath scene in episode 341.

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