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Two of the physicians of the Almoravide sovereigns, Meir ibn Kamniel and Solomon Abūab Muʿallim in Marrakesh, were of Spanish origin, one from Seville and the other from Saragossa. There were also scholars in Ceuta , the native town of Joseph ibn Aknin, the disciple of Maimonides.There was also an important center of learning in Sijilmassa (ancient capital of Tafilalet oasis).Other tribes, such as the Barghwāṭa, were also heavily Judaized.

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The doctrine of the mahdi Ibn Tūmart, which inaugurated the Almohadmovement, did not tolerate the existence of non-Muslims.However, when Idris (791–828) decided to establish his capital in Fez, he authorized Jews of all origins to settle there.Their dispersion in all the regions was one of the principal reasons for their economic strength at the time.It was completely inhabited by Jews and did not disappear until the 12 century.It was situated near the present-day town of Sefrou.

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