Welsh castle dating 1219

The eastern wall and possibly north-eastern tower of the castle, built in a totally different style to the rest of the fortress, was constructed by Ralph.However this work proved abortive and Henry II cancelled the building work in 1188 as unnecessary.In 1193, Sheriff William Braose pushed the unfinished castle into rapid service by placing a palisade around the other three sides of the ditch. From this time on Skenfrith castle has largely the same history as Grosmont castle.

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Like the other two castles Skenfrith is remarkably well-preserved, standing mostly to wallwalk height.The powerful Marcher baron Pain Fitz John acquired Grosmont in the reign of King Henry I (1100-35) and converted it into the head of a lordship which stretched from White Castle in the west to Orcop castle in the east.During the early twelfth century the castle was the centre or caput of what was known as the honour of Grosmont.The recent excavations conclusively proved that this tower was built on top of the thirteenth century gravel used to infill the first castle of 1219.Another dating feature of this tower can be found in the collapsed stairway built into a buttress in its western wall.

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