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Giving boxsets their own section makes them easier to find - this is a theme that's consistent with the new Sky setup - it constantly tries to offer up new content for you to watch. Here Sky touts its wares - there's a mixture of everything, from things you need to pay for (box office movies were front and centre) to interesting tidbits from other channels.

This area isn't contextual, more a general best-of what Sky currently offers.

Top Picks is also the default area the box heads to when you hit Home on the remote - it really really wants you to use this area of the service.

One section you won't be using much at the moment is Online Video.

If you want contextual recommendations and to see the heart of Sky's new system, then My Q is where you need to go. It's here where you should be able to pick up any programme you have been watching and play it from where you left off, whether you are watching from the main box, one of the Sky Q Mini boxes or on the i Pad. But a word of warning: it only works if a programme has been recorded.

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It feels a little weird to view this sort of information on your TV rather than just using a smartphone or tablet, but Sky has continued to add functionality since launch such as track previews for Formula 1.This functionality is also being widened into other sports such as Formula One.Another fun function is the ability to Airplay music through the box.The thinking behind this is, er, sound from Sky - your main TV is usually connected to the best sound system in the house, so why not allow users to stream their music through it.The UI is remarkably simple to use - but there are some minor oddities that will take some getting used to.

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