Who is double from mcfly dating

He is the primary writer on the majority of tracks on all five of the band's albums.Of Mc Fly's four members, he has "the most songwriting credits and therefore the most money".Bassist Dougie Poynter and drummer Harry Judd were subsequently recruited via a classified advertisement.Fletcher came up with the idea to name the band after Marty Mc Fly, the main character from his favorite film Back to the Future.

However, he still carried on writing with the band and penned many of their hits alongside James Bourne.

It was at this time that he and Danny Jones met for the first time; Jones went to the audition mistaking the band to be a Busted-esque band, rather than the conventional, all-singing, all-dancing, boy band for which they were intended.

Fletcher was impressed with Jones's style, and invited him to write with him and Bourne.

He has since stated that it was Bourne who taught him how to "properly" structure songs, and how to "come up with good, poppy melodies".

During the writing project for Busted's second album A Present for Everyone, Fletcher was asked by the record label if he was available to film auditions for a new band, V.

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