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A large part of the change comes from the public discussion that can only happen at the state level.

This is due to the importance of the voter having a direct say in the debate, not leaving it exclusively to politicians and judges.

As a gay woman, I do deserve to be treated as an equal partner in the American society that I love so much, but I also respect the heartfelt concern of many others who see this as an unraveling of a fundamental tradition. I contend, though, that the other reason the justices were amenable to taking the cases was due to the majority of states already having accepted marriage equality.All of us deserve a robust and respectful public debate about the issue, and the most effective way to have that conversation is at the local and state level. The two issues facing the court are whether the Constitution requires states to issue marriage licenses to two people of the same sex and whether states must recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere.Court-watchers and journalists have been trying to divine the position of each justice based on their questions, with the majority of the coverage indicating they seemed divided on the issue.“If there’s anyone in the world who should understand the vulnerability of being a minority, of being somebody that maybe others don’t understand or relate to, the vulnerability about work and jobs, being able to live your life as you see fit, it’s the gay community,” Bruce said.Bruce concluded that defending the right of Christians is “exactly what we should be doing.” The Indiana law has taken the media—and country—by storm over the last week.

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