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Following his college graduation, Pavelka passed his flight tests and soon became a certified flight instructor at the age of 23 in 2001.

He would later go on to work for Atlantic Southeast Airlines as a commercial pilot.

Shortly after the end of Having first premiered on television in 2005, each season of the show featured a number of celebrity contestants, each paired with a professional dancer; they would then perform various dances in front of a judge panel which would in turn, give them a score.

Having said that, while bachelorette Jojo was initially confused as well, she seemed to have appreciated Pavelka’s gesture in the end.However in actuality, they had nothing to worry about as Pavelka only appeared on the show to offer his friend, Jo Jo some advice about picking her future husband.That’s rightーthe two of them are close friends (Remember how he went to the same high school as her brothers? However despite Pavelka’s rather innocent intentions, his surprise appearance on the season premiere was not taken positively by all viewers of the show.Growing up in the city of Danton, Pavelka had always had an interest in flying and aviationーhe would eventually take his first flying lessons at the young age of 12.As a teen, Pavelka attended Billy Ryan High School in Denton and was classmates with the brothers of Jo Jo Fletcher (of fame); the two have remained close friends to this day.

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