Who is whitney duncan dating

Keith wasn't happy to see Ozzy and Jim follow him in being sent to Redemption Island.

In the first post-merge duel of the season, Keith managed to last longer than Jim, but could not defeat Ozzy. At Final Tribal Council, like the other Savaii members that remained loyal, Keith voted for Sophie to win.

Um…A source tells People.com, “They were good together, and they looked good together.

At first it's a tie in votes divided by tribal lines.The friend recalls, “Donny sent me a text that said, ‘Whitney got into a Survivor relationship.’ I called him and he was really upset so I went over to his place.”At that point Donny revealed the couple’s secret to the source.“That’s when he told me that she wasn’t his fiancé, but his wife, that they had gotten married the summer before."He even went to help out at her parents' house in West Tennessee a couple times." As for Whitney's faithfulness ... At one point before returning home, Duncan phoned Fallgatter, and, as Fallgatter told the friend, "He said she sounded weird, like something was up." Fallgatter's suspicions were confirmed in a subsequent call, the friend says, when she confessed that she was in a relationship with Keith Tollefson. I'm gonna be happy when I get a home one day and never have to move again." Since then, she and Tollefson have been spotted around Nashville, and she refers to a BF in her Twitter posts.

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