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“Polygamy has hit high rates in Gaza over the few past years, seemingly due to an increase in people’s religious inclination, especially after Hamas took power in 2007,” says Seyam, referring to the militant group that rules over Gaza.

With the Wesal service, a prospective groom receives a woman’s address when the two have exchanged “likes” online.Hamas itself has been trying to encourage marriage by paying the equivalent of £1,200 to any male who memorises the Quran, a bit of cash to help finance the next step in life.inspects the prospective bride: body shape, skin colour, teeth, hair and other physical features.The man then has 48 hours to propose, something still typically done over the traditional coffee at her home.Kholoud Sobouh, 27, said she got tired of being shown to men who knocked on her door with their mothers to propose.

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