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After waiting my turn in line, I proceeded to the last teller window to the right facing the counters to greet the teller. Karen greeted me and I noticed immediately her greeting was not as warming and welcoming as it was to me, compared to the person she serviced before me.

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All you get is “your call is important to us” but the wait time ALWAYS is over 20 minutes – 7 am or 7 pm. integrity, pride, honesty are not words in their vocabulary and they pretty much don’t know what these words mean.Now we have been informed that the only office in our town will be closing as of the end of March, 2018.They closed within the past 2 years their office on the town line, so now the only local BOA office will be about 7 miles down the road to East Hartford, CT or even further to Warehouse point.In 1930, the name Bank of America was finally adopted after a merger.In 1956, Bank America was created as a holding company for Bank of America.

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