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So, men and women, would you date an ex-exotic dancer or stripper?

There's more than one woman on here that has stripped before.

Punishing businesses for not using correct gender pronouns (zie, zim, zir etc.) is another fight trans people don't want, she added, as they already have enough hiring challenges to handle as it is.

White discussed the gender dysphoria that prompted her to initiate the male-to-female transitioning process.

Just the narrow views of the intolerant right, some might think, but Blaire White is a trans woman.

This isn’t the sort of plain talk you’d expect from an outspoken trans woman assigned male at birth.

It would be interesting to see some stats on what ex-exotic dancers and strippers do 20 years after leaving that occupation because its shelf life is not long.You Tube personality Blaire White believes that being transgender is one aspect of “what” you are, not “who” you are, because it's something you're born with, not an accomplishment.The 22-year-old social critic feels if you're not interested in dating “a tranny,” it doesn't mean you're transphobic.If I could have made good money paying for college as a male stripper I would have. Much better than working in a convienience store as I did! The ones who dance for women and who dance for men are completely different.

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