Yale dating scene

To some, dating a New Haven resident is an unspeakable taboo. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word as “a townsman as distinct from a university.” The word “distinct” can be misleading, however, as many associate the typical towney with “distinctive” piercings, “distinct” dance-floor space at Toad’s Place, and “distinctive” dullness.

An underground contingent of Yalies are walking the thin line between “acceptable” and “sketchy” behavior by dating “townies.” While this phenomenon is not new, its effect on the Yale dating scene is not yet fully understood and talked about even less.

Little did Alexa know Yale had received The Ring in the mail an hour earlier and it was currently in his pocket!

While still on the call, Alexa miraculously agreed to go on a walk despite the crummy weather.

“We say we’re in Calhoun,” Jail Bait said with a smile. I’ve slept there a few times, and no one questions it when I meet someone and say, ‘I go to Yale.Alexa and Yale had gotten into the habit of taking long walks several times a week and Yale suggested they go for one.Alexa's long phone call continued and the weather outside was turning from a drizzle to a steady rain.In June of 2015 Yale moved from Wrigleyville down to Old Town.Living by himself for the first time, he was highly motivated to explore the dating scene in his new neighborhood.

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